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I created a clear and informative website for MDM Painting, a local house painting company that was newly gaining traction. The company needed a website for marketing and a reliable place for customers to find information about the services they could provide, see past work and ask for quotes. 



A new company needs a website that portrays a sense of authority, attracts new customers and gives customers information on available services. 


Design a new website that is appealing, clear and easy for users to find services, testimonias, company and worker information, and contact pages.


  • Professional Visual Design

  • Intuitive layout and navigation 

  • Guides user to contact page

  • Simple & Informative


UX / UI Designer


3 months


Design a functional website 


Wix, Photoshop, Illustrator, Figma


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I considered the kind of families MDM would benefit from marketing to, and who their target market would be. I interviewed three families in the area that were considering having their house painted, and asked them what they would look for when researching companies online. I interviewed a young mother, a husband and wife in their 60's, and a young new homeowner. They said they would look for: 

  • A company that clearly had their services listed to confirm they could complete their needs

  • Competetive and fair pricing, many customers were young families

  • A clean and professional look, testimonials or photos to prove reliability and trustworthiness

Screen Shot 2023-10-24 at 8.55.08 PM.png


Screen Shot 2023-10-24 at 8.54.20 PM.png


Screen Shot 2023-10-24 at 8.53.12 PM.png



I researched three top rated painting companies in Tacoma, the area the company was located in.

  • In doing research, I found that most of the time the homeowner who care the most about aesthetics would be researching the company, and therefore the website needed to appear modern, clean, and reflect current popular housepaint colors.

  • Establishing trust is incredibly important, as the company who is being hired would be working in and around people's personal space and near loved ones - utilizing an 'about' page, testimonials, photos of previous work. 


I found that many of the companies appeared that they were geared toward a male audience, perhaps designed to be viewed by contractors. MDM wanted to create a tone that appealed toward families and real people; wives and designers who are looking to increase the street appeal of their home. I also found that establishing trust is incredibly important, as the company who is being hired would be working in and around people's personal space and near loved ones. Including a clear mission statement and about me page with a section for testimonials would create that trust. 



The four main pages I created were Home, Services, About and Contact. I knew that customers looking to have their homes painted wanted a clear and simple layout with easily navigable pages. Putting most of the information on the landing scrolling page would give the user most of their information during the first pass through the website. A few extra sub pages with extra necessary information could supplement as needed.



I drew an image for the main page and what it would look like. I thought a scrolling screen with a large hero image would be the most intuitive, with subsections including the mission statement, leading into services, ending with a submission form.



I designed a scrolling home page with large images of their work included and services listed so the customer could get a fast idea of what the company could provide at first glance. 

Screen Shot 2023-10-24 at 10.45.16 PM.png
Screen Shot 2023-10-24 at 10.45.47 PM.png


The services page lists cleanly and concisely the company's available services so the user could quickly find what service they are looking for.

Screen Shot 2023-10-24 at 10.46.11 PM.png


The about page gives the company's mission statments and introduces the team members so the user can gain trust in the company, understand what they stand for and get to know the people that might be in and around their home. 

Screen Shot 2023-10-24 at 10.46.19 PM.png


The contact form is included at the bottom of every page and is given it's own section so the user is brought repeatedly to get in contact with the company. The company gets increased interaction and the channel of communication is easily found for the customer to get their questions answered by real people. 

Screen Shot 2023-10-24 at 10.47.05 PM.png


I tested the website with three users who were in the market for updating their house paint. The user feedback indicated that users were able to easily navigate the website. Users wished there were more photos and larger photos, and also suggested a seperate page just for a photo gallery of example work. They also said they looked forward for more testimonials to show credibility and that could be added as the company grew. 



Compiling all the information I had worked on thus far I worked on creating a polished and fully actualized web design that I could hand off to my client, and they could easily add photos and testimonials as they improved their business and gained more and more clientle. 


I added a past projects and testimonials section to further establish credibility. 


A scrolling gallery of photos gave the user clear images of their work and ideas of what they might want for their own home or business. 


I created a logo for the central header of the website that would mirror their other forms of branding. The logo was designed to show the two people that owned the company, a multicultural group of strong young men that wanted to show their entrepreneurial spirit and strong work ethic. 



I chose colors for the brand that I had seen repeatedly while researching popular modern housepaint. The neutral colors reflected the PNW and also exhibited a stylish and sophisticated tone that would give a sense of authority and trust. I chose a sans seif font for the headers so the user could easily and clearly read the authoritative text. A classic serif text was chosen to make it easy for the user to read the smaller text and give an upscale feel.  

See the full website in action HERE


1. RE-TEST - While the site is easy for users to click through and find basic knowledge, I think I could improve the flow further. I would change the past projects, testimonials and the photos sections to be on another sub heading of their own. There are also things I would do as a more advanced designer that are obvious to me now, whether that be tweaks such as unifying font weights or centralizing the sliding photo gallery accross the entirity of the page. 

2. HAND-OFF - When the design was finalized and my client was happy with the set up, I handed it off to them. The intention was to get a functioning webpage going for them that they could easily update as their business progressed, which is another reason it needed to be simple and streamlined. 

3. ADD FEATURES - I have suggested to them that they add at least three testimonials to their page , add team member bios and continue to add as many example photos of their work as possible as they progress. 

Designed by Elizabeth Craddock

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