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      I am a product designer born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. I currently live in Seattle, WA. I design and illustrate because I experience a flow state when I create. Enhancing beauty while problem solving brings me joy.

      I have worked in the buying and finance department at Nordstrom for the past 5 years. My evenings and weekends are spent doing freelance design work. From my experience I have learned the value of the Nordstrom motto, "Always put the customer first". I aim to always think of the user's needs and work in collaboration with my clients to achieve this goal.

      My favorite aspect of the creation process is fine-tuning the product for the client. ​ I’m an excellent team player and will work with you to create the exact product and tone you are looking for. Let me do the heavy lifting in bringing your design to life!

​       In my free time, you can find me running, working on projects or teaching painting classes. If you can’t find me it’s because I’ve gone to the mountains to go skiing or to Lake Washington to paddle board.





Please feel free to contact me to learn more about my work.

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