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Screen Shot 2023-11-28 at 9.13.13 PM.png

My client asked me to create a logo for the business he is working on starting; importing wine and other pantry goods such as seasonings, cheeses, and meats from the region his family lives in Gascony, France. He wanted his brand to feel simultaneously upscale and approachable, and convey the high quaility of the goods. I created line drawings to clearly illustrate the offering of the products to the customer and chose an upscale serif font to mirror the tone of the brand. The client thought the logo turned out beautifully and is working on putting branding into production. 

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The Gig Harbor Boat Shop wanted a logo for a boat restoration they had completed, to put on the back of their T-shirts for a boat festival in Port Townsend, WA and also to have for sale to promote the boat shop afterward as well. They asked me to show the specific boat called a Thunderbird and represent the iconic teal of the boat. They wanted the boat to be shown sailing with the Boat Shop in the background, so I created the architecture of the shop with line drawings. I used classic, watered down primary colors to mimic the feel of nautical paintings. The client used the logo to make multiple styles of  T-Shirts and loved the final result. 

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Kate Jacobs asked me to create her an updated, modernized version of her logo. She felt her original logo was outdated and requested I make one that felt clean, clear and upscale. I used a bold font to convey confidence and trustworthiness, and included the simple graphic of the house outline to show the work she successfully supports her customers with. She felt the logo desigin accurately represented the modernized tone she was hoping to convey and used the new design in all of her branding including her website, pamphlets, flyers and business cards. 

See her logo in action HERE

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This family-owned New York Landscaping company asked me to create an improved version of their logo, and a brand new logo for their physical store. I used the tree element from their original logo to tie back to their branding. If they were not be able to update all of their physical branding, such as their hard hats and tractors, the new logo would still be reminicent of their brand.  The new logo gives a trustworthy feel, with a bold, commanding font and colors that reflect their natural industry. I also created a logo for their store that is a clear line drawing of their barn so the customers can see the recognizable physical landmark when they visit the store. 

See their logo in action HERE

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MDM Painting reached out to me to create a logo for their growing business. They wanted it to represent their team of two strong young men starting a new business in Tacoma, WA. They hoped the brand would feel trustworthy, attractive, and look professional- as people would be trusting them to work in and around their homes. I created this logo with natural tones that are popular currently in house paint colors, and gave the brand a strong presence with the proud stance personified. They loved the logo and used it on their website and business cards. 

See the logo in action HERE


Nail Club is a group of friends that get together bi-weekly to eat dinner, do their nails and regail each other with tales from their week, similar to a book club. They asked me to make a logo as they wanted to create T-Shirts for their club. They requested it be representative of empowering female community, and exude the calm energy they created when they spent time together. They suggested neutral tones for the logo to mirror the neutral tones they commonly chose for their nail colors, and to show the meshing of cultures in their group. I created a modern looking line drawing of two hands sharing a nail polish bottle over a light tan backgrown with a warm, rounded dark brown font. The group of friends loved their logo and have created merch for their club as it expands.


Eric asked me to create a logo for his recreational dive team as they wanted to have sweatshirts made. He sent me a few photos and vieos of their team doing tricks for inspiration. He wanted the logo to capture the essence of their team's favorite place to meet and dive, which he said made people feel carefree, proud, and joyful. I created a mock up of a silhoutette of the elements of one of the images that captured one of their team members doing a flip off of the piling with the sailboat race behind. I also made a version with a female figure for team inclusivity. The team loved the logo and made sweatshirts and other merch as they grow and continue to practice in Eastlake. 

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Designed by Elizabeth Craddock

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